Erdoğan announced: Here are the details of tax-free phone and computer work

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan makes statements after the cabinet meeting ended. Erdoğan announced the details of the mobile phone and computer support to be given to university students.

Release: 19:14 – 26 September 2023 Updated:

Erdoğan announced: Here are the details of tax-free phone and computer work

The cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ended.


Making a statement after the meeting where developments at home and abroad were discussed, President Erdoğan said:

* “We are struggling to bring our country to the place it deserves in the world. We had a busy agenda, especially in the foreign policy field. We received the delegation of the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the United States Council of Muslim Organizations. We shared with the public the medium-term program that will be our economic road map for the next three years.

* We saw that the program we prepared with a participatory approach was welcomed in the business world. The reaction of international investors to the program was also extremely positive. The World Bank group’s addition of a new investment package of $18 billion was a sign of this. Hopefully, we will see investment figures rise even more as prejudices against our country are broken.


* At the end of 3 years, we will reach the national income per capita with an economic size exceeding 1.3 trillion dollars and approaching 15 thousand dollars. I hope that the program, full of targets that reflect Turkey’s potential, will be beneficial to our country again. We will soon present the 12th Development Plan and government program to the appreciation of our nation and business world.

* Even though we declared the Turkey Century, this vision is the national goal, ideal and ideal of all 85 million people. Growing and strengthening Turkey is our common goal, regardless of our political views. This is the purpose of our struggle in the political arena. I invite every member of our nation to support the medium-term program.


* We are implementing the mobile phone and computer support we promised to university students in formal education. We will provide device support up to 5 thousand 500 lira to our university students for mobile phones and computers whose market sales price does not exceed 9 thousand 500 lira.

* We will provide support for 44.4 percent of the market price for mobile phones and 16.7 percent for computers. We define a free monthly quota of 10 GB for 12 months, limited to one line, for our university students in formal education. “We will give a Youth Card valid for 1 year to all young people who turn 18, and they will be able to benefit from museums, cinemas and theaters free of charge or at a discount.”

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