Éric Chacour crowned by the Femina of high school students for What I know about you

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Éric Chacour, 39, was born in Montreal to Egyptian parents from the Levantine community. François Bouchon/Le Figaro

The 39-year-old Canadian author signs his first novel which evokes the fate of a Egyptian doctor who emigrates to Quebec.

The Femina prize for high school students was awarded Tuesday to Canadian Éric Chacour for his first novel, What I know about you, announced the jury to AFP. The book was published in January by Editions Alto, in Canada, then in August by Editions Philippe Rey, in France. The author features Tarek, a young Christian Egyptian doctor who takes over his deceased father’s practice. Everything changes when Tarek decides to open a dispensary.

Mohammed Aïssaoui, of Literary Figaro, had praised this first novel by emphasizing that “over the pages, the story gains depth and thickness” and “the writing is simply magnificent, almost from another time“.

Éric Chacour, 39, was born in Montreal, to Egyptian parents from the Levantine community. He had a career in finance in France and Canada. Held in Rouen for its eighth edition, the Femina des lycéens brings together 20 high schools, or some 600 students, and 16 independent partner bookstores.

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