Eric Dupond-Moretti presents a “first distribution” of additional judicial staff

The Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, leaves the Council of Ministers held at the Elysée Palace on August 30, 2023.

The Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, presented a “first distribution” the creation of 1,500 magistrate posts, 1,500 court clerks and 1,100 legal attachés in the jurisdictions of thirty-six courts of appeal, i.e. the areas in which the Courts of Appeal have jurisdictionby 2027, Thursday August 31 in Colmar.

These job creations are planned in thethe 2023-2027 programming law of the ministry of justicealready ped at first reading in the National embly and the Senate and which must be the subject of a joint committee in October with a view to its final adoption.

Behind Paris (184 magistrates, 258 court clerks and 154 justice attachés), the courts of appeal which receive the most reinforcements are Versailles (77 magistrates, 127 court clerks and 72 attachés, i.e. 276 posts), Aix-en-Provence (87 magistrates, 97 clerks, 72 attachés, i.e. 256 posts), and Douai (91 magistrates, 64 clerks, and 59 justice attachés, i.e. 214 posts). It is the Court of Appeal of Papeete, in Tahiti (4 magistrates, 13 clerks and 7 legal attachés) which benefits from the lowest number of reinforcements.

The distribution of additional positions was made according to the “volume of business” and some ” population growth “ on each court of appeal, but also according to the “median standard of living”there ” population density “ or “the number of lawyers”said Mr. Dupond-Moretti.

More staff, “these are court decisions that are rendered more quickly”

“More magistrates, more court clerks, more court officers, it’s a justice that takes the time to listen to the litigant, it’s court decisions that are rendered more quickly”, said the minister during a meeting by videoconference before the heads of the courts of appeal. This “historic effort” After “thirty years of abandonment of justice” must allow to “halving the timeframe for justice” by 2027, with “a first court decision in less than twelve months”aims the Keeper of the Seals.

It is now up to the heads of court to distribute these reinforcements between the various courts, in particular by favoring the first instance, to provide judicial responses. ” as quickly as possible “ violations, and respecting “retained arbitration” by the Ministry of 70% of magistrates for headquarters services, and 30% for the prosecution services.

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