Erin Doom, who is she and what is her best selling book

TURIN. Erin Doom reveals her identity from Fabio Fazio and “Che tempo che fa”. The mysterious author whose only name is Matilde is known, she is less than 30 years old, she is from Emilia and has a degree in law. In tonight’s episode she showed her face for the first time. “I’ve always been an introverted person, very shy and I chose anonymity because it’s more suited to my nature – she tells Fazio – over time, however, I felt that I was missing out on something,” she added.
Then, on the stage name, Doom, he explains: «I chose it because in English it means both destiny and condemnation». Erin Doom made her debut on the Wattpad platform in 2017 by publishing her first stories. In 2022 her first novel “Fabbricante di Lacrime” sold more than 500,000 copies, remaining on the charts for 100 weeks and reaching 100 reprints. The novel will soon become a film by Alessandro Genovese (“I was on the set, but I was officially only an intern at the publishing house,” she says).
The second novel “The Way the Snow Falls” has been translated into 18 countries. This evening, in addition to revealing her identity, Erin Doom also presents “Stigma” for Magazzini Salani, the first chapter of a saga starring Mireya and Andras, to be released on May 16th. “The book was born many years ago and revolves around important values: love, friendship and family ties,” explains da Fazio.
Finally, addressing the readers to whom she revealed herself for the first time, Erin Doom says: «I would like to thank my readers very much who have trusted what I have written for so long even if they have never seen me». Before leaving the studio, Fabio Fazio’s funny joke accompanies her: «If by chance you meet Elena Ferrante, say hello to her», alluding to the other great mysterious Italian writer, author of many best sellers.

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