Esport – Counter-Strike: in Paris, Vitality launches its Major very well

Two World Top 10 teams, two close matches, but two Major entry victories for Vitality. The only French club competing in Paris launched its competition perfectly and reured everyone. Against G2 (n°4, 16-13) then ENCE (n°9, 16-13), the world n°2s repeated the same scenario, with a few exceptions: thunderous debuts, some fears at the return of the adversary, then a solid conclusion. Evidence of great mental strength which has sometimes been lacking this season.

Vitality was very solid against these two high-level opponents and only has one match to win (out of three possible), in two winning sets this time, to reach the quarter-finals and the Accor Arena in Bercy. , in front of his audience. The first will take place on Sunday, the opponent will not be known until a little later this Saturday evening. Aside from the Paris outfit, Heroic (#1) is the only one of the other Major favorites to find themselves two wins away after day one of the Legends Stage – the second round.

“It’s nice to see that everyone can raise their level of play”

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, Captain of Vitality

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire (Captain of Vitality) “We were playing two Top 10 teams in one round, it could be very complicated but we did what was necessary. I am proud of my players today. We’ve lost so many close games in the past… Right now we’re winning them, at least a lot more often, and that’s important. On both cards, ZywOo and Spinx (Mathieu Herbaut and Lotan Giladi) were enormous, the Danes had their rounds on the first, me a little less, it was reversed during the second.

It’s nice to see that everyone can raise their level of play at any time, it’s important. Mentally I struggled more against ENCE than against G2, I felt a little more pressure, because we had lost the last two matches against them. Against G2 I felt we still had control, even when they go back to 13-13. When you feel in control, that’s fine. Before starting the tournament, everything was fine. I was especially excited to start this Major. »

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut (Vitality player) : “ENCE had eliminated us during the Pro League and at the previous Major in Rio… We had to take our revenge. It was boring to play against them but we were able to find solutions. We knew we had a good side of attack so we didn’t really doubt. I have the impression that we are playing more slowly today, and together especially, on certain rounds, even in numerical inferiority. That’s really what has changed recently. This collective game. Our communication is really very good, we manage to understand each other better, it’s more instinctive between us. »

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