Esport – League of Legends – Adam: “I want to become a voice that carries”

“One win, two losses during the first week of LEC but a positive visual impression and a frustrating setback against Excel… What conclusions do you draw from this introduction? We could win against KOI, against Excel… We still have to find ourselves as a team. We make too many mistakes, that’s what we need to correct quickly. But we are good at the game and we have significant room for improvement. It is visible I believe. There was also nervousness, we don’t play like in training. It’s normal, but we know we can be cleaner, more decisive. We traded right after the loss to Excel, with our draft we weren’t allowed to make any mistakes and there were two or three that made us lose control of the game. Then, in late game, it was unplayable against their composition. That’s a shame.

You did, however, play your “signature” champion, Darius, in that match against Excel. We don’t see it often at the moment, is it a way to build your confidence?
Today I have my own meta, I would say. With which I am comfortable. I think I’m able to create things with champions that I like, that suit me. Things less conventional than what you can see elsewhere. Being able to take out Darius easily is an additional option. I have many options. In competition generally, you have to stay in the nails, follow what the meta. You don’t have to change too much. Me, I like breaking these codes, adding my touch. Against Excel we ended up losing the game but I think I showed that it could work, that there was a way. We have to align ourselves, find something easier to do collectively, but it can work. Today Crownie (Jus Marusic, the adc of BDS) is the voice that carries in the team, he is the one with the most experiencebut I want to bring something too, I feel capable of doing it, of participating in guiding the team.

It is your good summer in the French championship who makes you say that?
My return to the LFL brought me a lot of experience. I matured, I understood notions of play. I listen a lot more, I try to bring my istance as I can. At Karmine or Fnatic, I was a penger, I didn’t do much. I had the will to help but I was powerless. I have to work, it’s not easy, but I want to become a more powerful voice in a team.

There are a lot of French people in this team, both among the players and in the staff: how is it going between you?
The staff is very competent. It was going well with GotoOne (Adrien Picard, the coach), MenQ (Marek Dziemian, his Polish istant) last year, and Striker (Yanis Kella, second istant) is a great addition. We all work very well together, the environment is good. We have no difficulty pointing out the mistakes we make and accepting it. Our state of mind is good, we want to progress. We want to show that we can be a good team.

” I grew up. Today I want to do what Odoamne, Cabochard on the Karmine Corp side do. To be that kind of figure. »

Adam “Adam” Maanane

You mentioned a “new Adam” for this LEC season: what has changed about you?
I have more experience I’ve been thinking about why things went wrong last year, in spring. Why I was sent to the LFL and how I managed to perform there and bounce back. I went through a lot of questioning, emotions: fear, hope… I grew up. Today I want to do what Odoamne (Andrei Pascu, experienced toplaner from Excel), Cabochard (Lucas Simon-Meslet) on the side of Karmine Corp. To be that kind of figure. I want to be there for my teammates, who are also my friends. I want to do my best for them. »

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