Esport – League of Legends: Aegis continues, Karmine still in the game

Esport – League of Legends: Aegis continues, Karmine still in the game

The match of the week: LDLC OL – Karmine Corp

The equation is now simple for the Karmine Corp. in the French League League of Legends : you have to win everything or resolve to go out the back door, eliminated before the play-offs. In great difficulty since the start of the season, the big favorite in the league had not been spoiled by the calendar this week, with the leader, LDLC OL, on the menu from Wednesday. Faced with the Foxes, the KC suffered but offered a great show, in one of the most disputed meetings since the start of the season.

Dominating most of the match, thanks to a successful start, Karmine was put to the test by the resilience ofAslan “White” Pangloss, who notably stole two Nashor to keep his team alive for 45 minutes. It would have taken a sublime team fight of Muhammed “Kaori” Sentürk, on a cloud for several matches, so that she manages to snatch a salutary success, to the greatest relief of her many supporters.

The next day, Lucas “Saken” Fayard and his teammates confirmed by snatching another victory against their rivals Vitality, again not without fears, and completing their first week of the year with two victories. If they are still eighth in the standings (7-9), their momentum could bring them into the top 6, even if we will have to hope for a very favorable scenario during the last week of the regular season. For LDLC OL (10-6), who are almost certain to be among them, this misstep is symptomatic of a bad run, confirmed by a new defeat against GameWard on Thursday.

Player of the Week: Jeremy “Eika” Valdenaire

Nothing stops Aegis (9-7). With another week at 2-0, the newcomer to the LFL is now five wins in a row and is now installed in the first part of the table. If the team has clearly passed a course collectively, it is pulled from the top towards its captain Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire. Facing Izi Dream on Wednesday, the midlaner signed the first pentakill of the season on his Gragas. The next day, he fulfilled his role perfectly with his Viktor against Solary. If he keeps this level, the play-offs should be in the pocket.

Team of the week: BK ROG

A third club has had plenty of victories this week: BK ROG. In the same position as Karmine, with no room for error, Pawel “Czekolad” Szczepanik and his teammates won against GameWard and then against BDS Academy, in the final match of the week. The latter was however not won in advance, but they knew how to sublimate themselves in teamfights as they trailed, thanks to a Ho-Bin “Howling” Jeon Imperial his Gnar. In a final week where he will have a favorable schedule, Orelsan’s favorite club bravely play his luck.

The flop of the week: Solary

Solary (8-8) can’t do it anymore. No longer able to rely on individual exploits by Dawid “Melonik” Sleczkathe Touraine structure suffered two nasty defeats this week, including one without realizing the slightest kill, against Aegis on Thursday. Back to a neutral record, she leaves the top 6 for the first time this season, at the worst possible moment, and could once again miss the play-offs. Enough to consolidate its reputation as a cursed club on League of Legends

But also…

Thanks to its victory against Izi Dream (2-14) on Thursday, Team GO (10-6) is now co-leader of LFL, tied with LDLC OL, but still does not seem to have found its stride. Behind, four teams are in ambush and in good shape for the play-offs: Aegis, GameWard (9-7), which ended its black series, BDS Academy (9-7) and Vitality Bee (9-7) . In total, nine teams out of the ten entered remain in the race for the top 8: it is difficult to dream of a more breathtaking scenario at the dawn of the last week.

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