Esport – League of Legends: G2 and Europe eliminated from MSI

It’s over for Europe at MSI. Winner of MAD Lions on Saturday in a remake of the LEC final – the EMEA Championship of League of Legends -, G2 was released in turn from this intercontinental competition in the third round of the play-offs, this Tuesday, in London, by the Chinese of Bilibili Gaming (3-1).

A disappointment, but the hapless LPL runner-up, perhaps the most accessible Asian side on paper, was a step up. If collectively G2 tried to impose its style and showed interesting things, its team did not find its level of the beginning of the year. Individually, above all, the yet experienced Rasmus “Caps” Winther or the French Steven “Hans sama” Liv, put under pressure on his botlanehave been exceeded.

The score could have been harder if BLG had not thrown the second inning. A gift offered to G2 that the Europeans returned in the next one: well settled thanks to Martin “Yike” Sundelin, an impressive rookie jungler for his first tournament at this level and real satisfaction for the Berlin club, in a position to win to take the advantage and approaching a nice heist, they missed a team fight decisive. The fourth round also left a glimpse of the possibility of doing something, but the precision of the Chinese prevented G2 from hoping for very long.

Cloud9 (North American champion) is the last Western hope in this MSI but will face the South Korean champion GenG this Wednesday afternoon. The tournament is therefore likely to turn in meeting between Asian formations, the best in the world for a few years. To the West, and Europe in the lead, to (re) wonder why in order to hope for better in the future. This Tuesday evening, it is difficult to be positive about the idea of ​​the next international meetings.

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