Esport – Valorant: G2 Gozen wins the Women’s Worlds

G2 Gozen won this weekend, in Berlin, the first edition Women’s World Championships Valorant, the Game Changers Championship. Its eclectic formation, mainly European and considered one of the big favorites after having largely dominated its regional circuit throughout the season, overthrew the North Americans of Shopify Rebellion in the grand final on Sunday. After having however conceded the first two sets of the meeting (3-2).

On its way to the title, G2 did not lose a single match, dismissing other major esports structures such as Cloud9 or Team Liquid. For its part, Shopify Rebellion had to go up the lowerbracket of a double elimination table after a defeat in the second round. Her fine career ended a few rounds before a crown was finally placed on the head of Julia “juliano” Kiran – one of the most accomplished esportswomen in all games, passed on Valorant after many years on counter strike – and her teammates.

This exclusively female competition aimed to develop a competitive scene for the many players of Valorant, in parallel with a mixed circuit in theory… but exclusively male in fact. Well thought out, promoted and widely followed, it seems to have fulfilled its first objectives and emerged as one of the best women’s tournaments ever created.

The “Game Changers” will return in 2023, at the heart of a global change of the competitive scene Valorant. Kamel “Kameto” Kebir, co-founder of the Karmine Corp, also mentioned this weekend the possibility of integrating a French women’s team at the club. A project that should see the light of day in the coming months.

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