Esport - Valorant: the Brazilians of Loud world champions

The new world champions Valorant are Brazilians. After three weeks of competition, the Loud club was crowned Sunday evening in Istanbul, beating the North Americans of OpTic Gaming (3-1). A victory acquired after a long undecided final, which was played in the third round, snatched (16-14) by a future winner who took place in the next (13-5).

Loud's success has had a certain impact on social networks in Brazil where the club, founded by web personalities, is extremely popular. Both teams - by far the best in this Valorant Champions - had been placed in the same group at the start of the tournament. OpTic had then taken the best, before losing twice in play offs : in the final of winner bracket of a double elimination table, then in the grand final.

Only one French player, Enzo "Enzo" Mestari (Fnatic, eliminated in the third round of the final phase) took part in the competition, concluding a circuit that will radically change in 2023. Riot Games, publisher of the game and organizer of competitions on Valorant has already announced a redesign. It will be initiated in the coming days by the announcement of partner clubs, which will make up the various regional leagues around the world. In Europe, the French from Karmine Corp and Vitality are considered to be part of it.

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