Essonne: suffering from a brain tumor at 19, Aliyah no longer has the strength to fight

The warrior has “no more strength”. She “fought too much”. Lying in her teenage bedroom transformed into a hospital room, Aliyah, 19, struggles to keep her eyes open. “The illness takes up too much space,” she murmurs. Even morphine no longer gives me relief. » Yet she had given him a slap in the face with this illness. At the age of 14, she didn’t blink when doctors diagnosed her, in October 2018, with a malignant brain tumor. Not a tear had flowed. Aliyah had decided to fight. And to win.

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At the time, she received us in the family apartment in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge (Essonne). She wore a scarf to camouflage her head, which was once covered with long black hair. She suffered from excruciating headaches, was exhausted, emaciated, but smiling. His main worry was not being able to p his certificate. A large mobilization of support was then formed around her, in her Nicolas-Boileau college but also on the networks through the Facebook page Aliyah’s fight.

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