Eureka, the fifth film is great!

Fifteen years later Indiana Jones and the Crystal SkullHarrison Ford closes the saga with a particularly successful fifth film. © Disney/Lucasfilms 2023

OUT OF COMPETITION – Previewed at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, James Mangold’s leaping film hits French screens on June 28.

The fifth and final part of the adventures ofIndianaJones looks like an amazing time machine. Director James Mangold did not spare its efforts, nor its effects. Fifteen years after the unloved fourth installment Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skullalready presented at Cannes in 2008, Harrison Ford So put on his old leather jacket, adjust his dented Stetson and fasten his famous whip to his belt. We have only one fear: the captain’s age. Dashing octogenarian, does Harrison Ford still have the energy to play the leaping “savants” dear to Jules Verne?

We are fully reured because this fifth and last film, lively and spirited, brilliantly ends a legendary saga that began 42 years ago, with The Raiders of the Lost Arksigned by the creative duo george lucas And Steven Spielberg. Right from the intro, featuring a digitally rejuvenated “Indy” battling antiquity-looting Nazis at the end of Second…

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