EuroMillions: why the next big jackpot will exceed 240 million euros

Will the EuroMillions winning record soon be broken? While the jackpot of 240 million euros, which constitutes a record in the history of the European lottery, has just been beaten Friday December 8it is not impossible that it will be exceeded in the coming months.

If the jackpot of 240 million euros put into play on Friday by EuroMillions was nevertheless capped by the most famous of European lotteries, its regulations offer the possibility to all players to win even more money.

From now on, the megajackpot will be able to reach 250 million euros thanks to the lucky winner of the 240 million euros. In fact, in February 2020, the EuroMillions settlement was modified to increase the “1st tier ceiling”, increasing it from 190 to 250 million euros. This charter provides for an increase of 10 million euros each time a new level is reached.

“This is the sixth and final level”

“The amount of the jackpot can rise to the maximum ceiling of 250 million euros, this is the sixth and final level. Since March 2020, five ceilings of 200, 210, 220, 230 then a final one of 240 million euros have been reached,” specifies the specialized site. Winning Draw.

For example, in July 2022, a Briton won the jackpot of 230 million euros, which was then the maximum ceiling, and therefore made it possible to unlock this limit to bring it to 240 million euros. Now unlocked, the new level is now at 250 million euros and cannot go beyond, unless EuroMillions modifies its regulations again.

After the gain record this Friday, the prize pool of the European lottery will therefore fall to 17 million euros on Tuesday December 12 but it is likely to reach in a few weeks the sum of 250 million euros if no lucky person wins the jackpot put in place. game every Tuesday and every Friday in between.

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