European prosecutors unite to fight sports manipulation

The second time was the good one. After a first failed attempt in 2020, the network of Magistrates responsible for sport (Mars) officially took shape, Thursday and Friday, during a meeting organized at the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg. The announced objective: to unite continental forces to better fight against sports manipulation.

Thus, prosecutors and specialists in the subject from all over Europe were brought together (20 countries represented in total), on site and by videoconference, in order to better understand the missions of each one, identify the various priorities of the moment and understand how to cooperate more efficiently, with the support of Interpol.

The French delegation was notably made up of Jean-Yves Lourgouilloux, Deputy Public Prosecutor in Marseille, Jean-Philippe Navarre, Deputy Public Prosecutor in Nice, Diane Le Cottier, Police Commissioner at the Service central des courses et jeux, and Corentin Segalen, coordinator of the French national platform at the National Gaming Authority.

A next meeting should be held in France during 2023.

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