European Union: twelve countries including France obtain additional seats in Parliament

This is an increase that reflects “demographic changes in Member States”. The number of MEPs will increase from 705 to 720 following the European elections scheduled for June 2024, twelve countries including France obtaining additional seatsthe European Council announced on Friday.

France is allocated two more seats (and increases to a total of 81 MEPs), as are Spain (61 in total) and the Netherlands (31). Nine countries gain a seat: Austria (20), Denmark (15), Belgium (22), Poland (53), Finland (15), Slovakia (15), Ireland (14), Slovenia (9) and Latvia (9).

The European Council, representing the leaders of the Twenty-Seven, ensures that this decision is “budgetary neutral”, that is to say that it does not lead to an increase for the Union budget.

A maximum of 751 elected officials

The number of MEPs is reviewed before each European election. The Lisbon Treaty provides for a maximum of 751 elected officials (including the president), no less than six elected officials per country and no more than 96. Germany, the most populous country in the EU, has 96 MEPs . The number of seats had decreased on February 1, 2020, from 751 to 705, due to the departure of British MEPs linked to Brexit.

European Parliament elections will take place in all 27 EU countries from June 6 to 9, 2024. They will lead to a renewal at the head of European institutions, including the Commission and the European Council. European deputies are elected by direct universal suffrage for a period of 5 years.

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