Europeans: Marion Maréchal announces that she will be head of the list for Reconquête

She had already positioned herself, last may, on these upcoming elections. It is now official. Marion Maréchal, Executive Vice-President of Reconquestconfirmed, Wednesday evening on TF1, to be the head of the list of the far-right party in the European elections of 2024.

“I will lead this list and I would like to thank Éric Zemmour for his trust,” said Marion Maréchal on the TF1 JT set. This mission “is extremely important for our country, since we have the opportunity to bring together right-wing voters around a great civilizational, historical and vital battle, that of defending our identity, our culture and our values” , she added.

This new campaign constitutes a “political return” for Marion Maréchal, who was a deputy between 2012 and 2017 before stepping back. She clarified that this return in no way foreshadowed ambitions for the next presidential election: “I wish Eric Zemmour to be the candidate in 2027, he is the natural candidate”.

Zemmour wants “the highest possible score”

Difficult to know at this stage if the leader of Reconquest will himself be on the list of Europeans. “It’s a decision that has not been made,” explained Marion Maréchal.

“I have decided to entrust Marion Maréchal with the mission of leading the Reconquest list! for the European elections. I hope that it will be accompanied by the whole young generation, coming from all the right-wing parties, who rallied me during the presidential election and that they achieve the highest possible score”, had announced, a few minutes earlier, the president of Reconquête, Éric Zemmour, in Le Figaro.

“You can defend your convictions, your conception of Europe without necessarily being at the top of the list”, explained the unsuccessful presidential candidate, who came in fourth position in 2022 (7.07% of the votes cast), noting that he would “obviously campaign”.

“A referendum on immigration”

“We are going to make the Europeans of June 9 a referendum on immigration”, he added, a subject which is, according to him, a “European priority”, “both for a demographic reason”, “a democratic reason”, “and finally for a reason of efficiency: our continent will defend itself better if it is united against this danger”.

Éric Zemmour does not agree with the request of Jordan Bardella, president of the RN and head of the list of the Lepenist party for Europeansto hold an immigration referendum on polling day.

“In France, it is the President of the Republic who decides on a referendum or not. I ask the French people to make the European elections a referendum on immigration and to vote for the list which is the clearest”, he justifies himself.

Asked about the decision rendered Tuesday by the Court of Cation to refer him again to a criminal court for having affirmed that Pétain had “saved” Jews, Éric Zemmour denounced a judgment “obviously political”.

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