Europeans: the PS agrees on the principle of an autonomous list, despite internal divisions

No PS-LFI common list in sight. THE Socialist Party adopted on Tuesday evening, unanimously by its national office, its strategic orientation text for the european elections, which provides for the principle of an autonomous list. This text will be submitted on October 5 to the vote of the militants, announced the party.

The national office also voted unanimously on the programmatic content of the European project, also submitted to the vote of the activists on the same date. Even if the PS remains internally divided on the Nupes agreement concluded with LFI, EELV and the PCF in March 2022, the three currents of the party (that of the first secretary Olivier Faure, majority and pro-Nupes, and those of his opponents Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol and Hélène Geoffroy, hostile to the Nupes) managed to agree on the strategy , with the drafting of a compromise.

“No one joined you”

A precarious compromise, as recent exchanges between Olivier Faure and Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol seem to show. “Happy that the Socialist Party joined the line we were defending yesterday: a pro-European left, clear on Ukraine, without an alliance of the carp and the rabbit”, indicated this Wednesday morning the mayor of Rouen on X, formerly Twitter. A statement that immediately made Olivier Faure react: “Nobody joined you”, he replied. Before adding: “We must stop betraying collective decisions by giving them your interpretations which contradict all our debates”.

Nobody joined you. We must stop betraying collective decisions by giving them your interpretations which contradict all our debates.

— Olivier Faure (@faureolivier) September 6, 2023

While LFI calls for a common list of Nupes to the Europeans, the strategic text, not amendable, acts on the principle of an autonomous list, and specifies that the PS has “always considered” that its project would dictate its alliances, “and not the ‘reverse “.

“Our desire for dialogue remains. But we note that the decision of the ecologists and the communists to leave under their own colors in the European elections did not make it possible to study the conditions necessary for a common list, and in particular to rediscuss the points of disagreement, ”ures the PS in a statement.

But the Socialist Party remains “fully committed to the strategy of bringing together the left and ecology”, which “found its political expression during the legislative elections of 2022 with the Nupes and its intergroup in the National embly”, continues the text.

“Put the Socialist Party back at the heart of the left”

Without mentioning the term single candidacy of the left for the presidential election of 2027, which Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol and Hélène Geoffroy refused, the text explains that it will be necessary to “create the conditions for a common program and rally candidacies for municipal elections, in the presidential and legislative elections by putting the Socialist Party back at the heart of the left”.

Olivier Faure absolutely wanted to integrate this objective into the text, so as “not to despair left-wing voters who want union”. The head of the list and the composition of the list should not be decided before the end of the year. The text also provides for the construction “around the PS of an open list” to all those “recognizing themselves in the principles of their project”.

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