Events in the Master Plan are paid for by the city of Porto Alegre

In addition to the R$ 10.9 million paid to the different consultancies that provide support for reviewing the Porto Alegre Master Planwith the resources already transferred to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – value defined in the technical cooperation agreement signed in 2019 – the city council bears the cost of events related to the review. In 2023, Coluna identified that R$155.3 thousand had already been allocated to the company Impacto Vento Norte Produções Técnicas in payment for this purpose.

Some of these events were the city seminar in July, thematic workshops in May and a management meeting of the Municipal Department of Environment, Urbanism and Sustainability in March. “Technical visits in different planning regions with the EY consultancy“, Ernst & Young, are also on the list.

The capital’s city hall maintains other contracts with the company, which this year has already received almost R$4.8 million for services provided to various municipal bodies.

To organize the Review Conference that is in progress, the Secretariat adhered to the price registry of another body (Regional Council of Dentistry of RS, in what is known as “piggybacking”) to hire the same company (Impacto Vento Norte ) at a cost of R$152.7 thousand.

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