“Everything is fine” on Disney + with Virginie Efira: it’s very, very good!

A child suffering from serious cancer and an entire family descends into horror. A perilous subject which could have fallen into pathos. This was without the talent of Camille de Castelnau, who created “Tout va bien”. Of a drama, the co-writer from the “Legends Office” made a funny and tender series. Terribly human. Another nugget broadcast on Disney +.

Welcome to the Veurs. Inspired by a true story, that of the designer’s niece, “Everything is fine” tells us the story of Rose, 9 years old, affected by leukemia and who is preparing to stay three months in the hospital in a room sterile to undergo a transplant. Faced with the tragedy, his family, helpless and frustrated at not being able to fight the disease, mobilized. But between each other’s feelings and egos, the family unit loses its balance.

A normal family, therefore “necessarily neurotic and conflictual”

Between hope and anguish, it’s the emotional rollercoaster. So, of course, sometimes things get out of hand. And fortunately, because as a result, we laugh a lot. The Veurs are a normal family, therefore “necessarily neurotic and conflictual”.

The eight episodes are led vigorously by a brilliant female trio composed of Virginie Efira, Sara Giraudeau and Nicole Garcia, fantastic in the role of grandmother. A publishing star with personal development books that sell like hot cakes, she is convinced that happiness is only a question of will. Which makes it very cumbersome for her daughters when illness enters their family.

We find Nicole Garcia with great pleasure in this complex character, both odious and touching, which she portrays with talent. “I loved playing this series,” she tells us. When I read Camille’s script, I said yes straight away. Her view of the family, the perspective she takes on the child’s illness without ever falling into pathos immediately convinced me. She examines the family unit so well and with such accuracy, this extraordinary breeding ground of feelings which can be the place of the greatest joys, of the greatest strengths but also of the greatest precipices. »

In the role of the mother who cannot contemplate the death of her child, Sara Giraudeau is perfect. As overwhelming in denial or modesty, she runs her boat as she sees fit. She can’t stand conflict, so the mother escapes to draw strength. At his side, his other half, his sister, the formidable Virginie Efira, of which this is the first series. So intense in the role of the aunt who can’t deal with her lover’s ex and drowns in her niece’s illness.

Real life, where “we sometimes laugh at times when we shouldn’t”

Three women who have no choice but to make sure life goes on. No matter the cost. Each will, in their own way, resist, ert themselves and all make us go from laughter to tears. Let’s not forget these gentlemen who complete this very high-end casting. As a father who is somewhat erased by his wife’s personality, Bernard Le Coq is fantastic. Just like Alyocha Schneider, singer, brother of Niels and brother-in-law of Virginie Efira, truly amazing in the role of the younger brother. A young one, of course adored, fleeing and cowardly in the face of his niece’s cancer, but so endearing.

Carried by often fierce and very effective writing, “Tout va bien” proves to be an excellent dramatic comedy. “I wanted to talk about this moment of crisis”, without falling into pure tragedy, like real life where “we sometimes laugh at times when we shouldn’t”, like during funerals, underlines Camille de Castelnau, admirer of the series “Six Feet Under” or “Big Little Lies.”

Once you enter the Veur family, it is impossible to leave them and the episodes are devoured one after the other. Upsetting and exhilarating, the series should find its audience without any problem because it’s impossible not to find yourself in it at one point or another.

Editor’s note:

Everything is fine “, dramatic comedy by Camille de Castelnau with Virginie Efira, Sara Giraudeau, Nicole Garcia, Aliocha Schneider, Bernard Le Coq… 8 episodes of 52 minutes.

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