Everything you need to know about HPI, the series with high intellectual potential on TF1

Find the cast, the summaries, as well as the latest news from this humorous detective series which attracted an average of 9 million viewers in France when it was launched.

Gender : Crime comedy

Year of creation : April 2021

Country : France

Creators and writers: Stéphane Carrié, Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, Nicolas Jean

Directors: Vincent Jamain (episodes 1 to 4), Laurent Tuel (episodes 5 to 8)

Summary : Morgane Alvaro is a housekeeper who has to manage three children from her two ex-husbands. Thanks to her high intellectual potential, she sees her professional life turned upside down when the Lille police spot her abilities and offer her a job as a consultant.

Where to see HPI: On TF1

Number of episodes: 8

Main actors and characters:

Audrey Fleurot: Morgane Alvaro

Cypriane Gardin: Thea Alvaro

Noah Vandevoorde: Elliott Alvaro

Mehdi Nebbou: Adam Karadec

Bruno Sanches: Gilles Vandraud

Marie Denarnaud: Celine Hazan

Berangere McNeese: Daphne Forestier

Summary SEASON 1 – 8 episodes: Morgane Alvaro, endowed with an extraordinary IQ, is a cleaning lady in the premises of the DIPJ in Lille. She stumbles upon the file of the ongoing investigation: the murder of a man, Antoine Levasseur, whose missing wife is the main suspect. After analyzing the file, Morgane tells the investigators that she is on the wrong track. His intelligence interests the DIPJ. The housekeeper now supports the police.

A season 2 for HPI? Morgane Alvaro should return to service by April 2022 on TF1.

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