everything you need to know about the next season

everything you need to know about the next season

TF1 has just announced the opening of the cast for its cult musical tele-hook. A new edition full of novelties.

“Ready to be part of the new Star Ac’ promo? The casting is open! »announced TF1, this Tuesday, March 7, during a page of adverti*****ts which intersects ” Koh Lanta “. In 2022, “Star Academy” signed its return after ten years of absence. According to the channel, more than 25,000 applications had been registered. A figure that is likely to experience a sharp increase after the success of the edition which made discover LouisEnola, Léa but also the big winner Anisha.

For this eleventh season of the musical tele-hook, TF1 promises some new features. According to our colleagues from TV -Hobbies, the chain would have decided to extend the duration of the program and to extend it to 3 months. Like the very first edition which had revealed Jennifer in 2001, future academicians will celebrate Christmas at Castle of Dammarie-les-Lys.

What audiences for “Star Academy” 2022?

“Star Academy”, airing both as a weekly and daily bonus, will always be hosted by Nikos Aliagas. The presenter at the controls of the show since its debut would have even signed for two seasons. On the other hand, the faculty of this new promotion has not yet been announced. Last year, under the direction of Michael Goldman, dance teachers Yanis Marshall, of singing Adeline Toniutti or Pierre de Brauer theater had marked the minds of the students, but also of the viewers.

On the audience side, the return of the “Star Ac'” had attracted 4.84 million nostalgic people for its launch, before maintaining the interest of 3.69 million viewers on average until Anisha’s coronation. Nice scores that strongly encouraged the channel to quickly launch this new season.

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