Ex-con turned tenor, how Naestro found his way

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Summary. Nabil Rachdi grew up in Marseille. At 19, after a fight, he was imprisoned for the first time in Baumettes prison. One of his fellow prisoners convinces him to go into drug trafficking with him. Nabil ends up being reincarcerated twice for trafficking, and arrives at the Avignon penitentiary center in 2012.

It was in the courtyard of this prison in the south of France that he discovered, by chance, that he had a talent for song and a powerful tenor voice. He then decided to turn away from his past as a trafficker and devote himself to music, under an artist name: Naestro. He goes in search of big names in rap to accompany him in his musical productions, and manages to sing in duet with artists like rapper Maître Gims.

Naestro tells his story at the microphone of Emma Jacob.

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