“Exclusive investigation” lifts the veil on violence in football

The M6 ​​reporting program investigated the field of football for a year and offers an original and edifying report.

The figure sends shivers down your spine. According to a Council of Europe report, one in seven children are victims of ault in the world of sport.

The testimony, in 2020, of Sarah Abitbol, a former figure skater, on the violence she suffered from her coach from the age of 15, allowed tongues to loosen in all sporting disciplines. The M6 ​​magazine looks into this terrible subject through an edifying investigation centered on football.
With its 2.2 million licensees, this sport is particularly exposed. Long considered a taboo, violence in the world of football is beginning to come to light. The film begins with the story of two mothers whose little boys were attacked in the back of a bus (where they were present) by a volunteer from the club where they play. This man turned out to be a repeat pedophile, already convicted by two criminal courts and having served 10 then 8 years in prison for several aults.

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Testimonies from victims

Other cases of this type are revealed in the report such as that of Ahmed Gueninèche, who worked as a recruiter for the biggest clubs in France, sentenced to 18 years in prison for of minors. Or that of Éric Olhats, former mentor ofAntoine Griezmann, indicted for ault of minors and possession of child ography images. Several victims of these predators testify in the documentary. Each time, these attackers have the same modus operandi: they target vulnerable young people, with precarious family situations, dreaming of becoming professionals and promise them a golden career. With control and blackmail as the best weapons.
Although protective measures have been taken by the Ministry of Sports and the French Football Federation, they are difficult to apply and prove insufficient. According to the film, 170,000 volunteers are not subject to any control, or 65% of all supervisors in direct contact with children…

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