Exclusive laundry for clothes and accessories for dogs and cats is new in Porto Alegre

Seeking to serve pet owners and entrepreneurs in the field, Danise Flesh, 61, created the Animal Laundry, self-service laundry specializing in animal clothing and parts, on Avenida Cristóvão Colombo, nº 1085, in the Floresta neighborhood, inside the Cristóvão Clinical Center. Since 2022 studying the market, Denise opened Animal Laundry in May, with two industrial washing machines and two dryers. Each service costs BRL 16.95, following the self-service model, that is, it is the customer who washes the items.

the business history

The startup, which had an investment of R$ 140,000, is not Denise’s first business. The entrepreneur also commands the Fast POA laundry that has already ped through the pages of GeraçãoE. It was there that she came across this demand and, thus, decided to enter the area. “I ended up becoming aware of this market, and, just like human health, that of animals is also important”, emphasizes Denise. At the owner’s other laundry room, some customers asked to wash their pets’ clothes and accessories, which Denise never allowed.

Seeing this need and a possible market, the entrepreneur began to study the niche better. “When I went to patent the name, that’s what scared me. We didn’t find anything like that”, tells about the few service options in the world. The entrepreneur claims that she also felt the lack of this service. Because she always had animals at home, she faced the problem of having to use her own washing machine and having to thoroughly clean it after use, in addition to the fact that, many times, this practice can cause damage to the machines.

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