EYT pending salary left in advance

EYT pending salary left in advance

EYT members whose pensions will be delayed due to excessive demand will be paid an advance payment every 3 months. SGK is expected to set up a software system for advance payment.

EYT pending salary left in advance

Busy Thousands of EYT members, whose pension is delayed due to their application, will be paid an advance payment instead of a pension. The right to advance will arise if the pension is delayed by 90 days, that is, by 3 months. As of July, SGK will pay advances to hundreds of thousands of EYT members who could not complete their retirement procedures for the next 3 months. EYT holders, whose monthly bonding process cannot be completed until September, will be able to request an advance for the second time in October. If pensions cannot be paid in the next 3 months, this time, an advance will be paid for the third time in January 2024.


SGK officials calculate that about half of the 2 million 250 thousand EYT members who were entitled to retirement in the first place will submit a retirement petition, while the remaining half will continue to work. SGK sources reported that few of those who applied for retirement in March will receive a pension in April, and that the remaining hundreds of thousands of EYT members will have to wait 9 months or even 12 months. According to Article 82 of the Current Insurance Transactions Regulation, insured persons who have submitted a retirement petition and are entitled to receive a pension but whose pension cannot be paid within 90 days have the right to apply with a written petition and request advance payment. The advance amount to be paid as a deduction for their future receivables cannot exceed 3 times the net minimum wage for every 3 months, that is, 25 thousand 518 liras. However, since the lower limit has not been determined, SGK will be able to make an advance payment in very small amounts such as one thousand, two thousand or 3 thousand liras if it wishes. If the advance paid exceeds the accumulated pension, it will be deducted from the following pensions in 4 equal installments.

9-10 months gone

It has been reported that SGK, which has completed the works on time, has not had to pay advances, since there has not been such a demand accumulation in excess of millions so far, and therefore, it has not established a software system to make the advance payment. Stating that SGK will have to install a software system for advance payments, the sources said, “It was clear in the summer of last year that the EYT law would come out. From that day on, the number of personnel to carry out the operations could have been increased and trained. Advance software could be completed. They said that they waited for 9-10 months in vain.

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