Fabio Quartararo, 7th in the French GP: “My arm started to swell”

Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha, 7th in the French GP): “I cannot consider this seventh place as a good result because I owe it to the crash of six riders in front of me. I had a physical problem. Since my problem in the right forearm in Jerez two years ago (compartment syndrome for which he was already operated on in 2019), I have a treatment that has never been a problem until then but the physio that I had this (Sunday) morning pressed me like crazy on the forearm and, from the middle of the race, it started to swell and the pain was very strong. At one point, I said to myself that it was over, I couldn’t do anything more.

The only positive side is that the pace could have been much better if I had been in full possession of my means. There was potential but I had so much trouble braking on some corners that it was costing me time. We went back to a base of settings from two years ago and I feel better on the bike so we decided not to touch anything anymore. The goal is to come back little by little. »

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