Fabrice Luchini on the edge of emotion

Fabrice Luchini (Joseph) and Mara Taquin (Rita Van de Velde) in a touching film which modestly addresses the meaning of life after the loss of a loved one. 2023 – THE FILMS FROM THE KIOSK – SND – Thibault GRABHERR

CRITICISM – In this story around GPA, Guillaume Nicloux offers the actor a major role with restraint. And reveals the young actress Mara Taquin.

It’s been a long time since we last saw Fabrice Luchini like that. In The littlethe new film from Guillaume Nicloux (The Octopus, Valley of Love), we discover him in a role at odds with his displayed personality as a vibrant Parisian literary boaster.

The film opens with the organized chaos of a cabinetmaker’s workshop, not far from Bordeaux. Among the wood chisels, shavings, planes and other mallets, a telephone rings insistently. An old bearded man curses, grumbles and doesn’t respond. This damn phone call that Joseph (Luchini, therefore) is reluctant to make will ultimately cut the misanthropic artisan’s stump for good.

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The next image, stunned, groggy, the dazed character arrives with his daughter in a hastily set up medical-psychological center where he is told that his son died suddenly in a plane crash, along with his partner. At the funeral, Joseph speaks with the companion’s parents. The couple had launched a GPA (surrogacy). In a…

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