“Faced with a vague concept, a high risk of disappointment”

Emmanuel Macron has announced that he wants two billion euros of “
tax cuts for households by 2027“, during an interview on TF1, Monday, May 15. PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/REUTERS

COUNTERPOINT – Emmanuel Macron has promised two billion euros in tax cuts for the “middle cles” by 2027.

Obvious but moving target. In turn Emmanuel Macron wants to seduce the “middle cles” to whom he promised two billion euros in tax cuts. This is not the first of the presidents, or candidates, to claim to address this category of French people as a priority. This objective is generally part of a recovery strategy. It is when popularity has slipped away that we turn to them. But who are they?

The vagueness of the concept says the difficulty of the company. In the past, we spoke of the “average Frenchman”, a sort of robot portrait supposed to identify the inhabitants of our country. The expression referred to a cultural, if not ideological, definition and had a somewhat pejorative tone. The more recent designation of “middle cl” is more economic and sociological, and is intended to be more positive. The first expression evokes a lifestyle, the second notion a category of income. Today, we would probably qualify a political leader as a “populist”…

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