Failure of the strike, fragile union, deep malaise… The five lessons of the conflict over pensions

DECRYPTION – While the unions have resumed dialogue with the executive, Le Figaro looks at the lessons to be learned from the social sequence that seems to be coming to an end.

This is a paradoxical observation: despite the failure of the social movement against pension reform, finally enacted in April, the unions believe they will emerge stronger – if not winners – from these five months of protest. Membership on the rise, positive image in public opinion… The federations regularly highlight their gains made since January, believing that they have also succeeded in sit down forcibly at the table of future negotiations, facing the executive. “We have won the battle of opinion“, insists the boss of the CGT, Sophie Binet.

Behind these bravado remarks, some observers are more measured and critical of the union organizations at the forefront of the social movement. “Is there a winner in this sequence of retreats?asked a fine connoisseur in May, appearing unconvinced by the central place acquired by Laurent Bergerleader of the CFDT, during the social conflict. Le Figaro takes stock of the main lessons to be drawn from this sequence.

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