Fake tickets, number 71, boos… What awaits Donnarumma at San Siro

Milan supporters are waiting for Donnarumma firmly. AFP / FRANCK FIFE

Former darling of Milan, the Italian international goalkeeper of PSG will receive a warm welcome from the Curva Sud.

Special envoy to Milan

The Milanese Ultras who made the trip to Paris two weeks ago had already had a blast. It will be nothing compared to what awaits Gigio Donnarumma this Tuesday evening (9 p.m.), at San Siro, during Milan-PSG. Trained within the Lombard club, where he occupied the cage as a starter from the age of 16, before being bombarded as captain, the Italian international goalkeeper left the nest at the end of his contract, in 2021, without transfer compensation . The pill has still not gone down with the most fervent supporters of Milan, who see him as a traitor even if they are delighted with the performances of the goalkeeper of the French team Mike Maignan. And they intend to let him know this Tuesday, for his big return to San Siro and against his ex-team.

In fact, he has already played in his old garden three times, with the Italian selection, including during the Nations League semi-final against Spain in October 2021 and on September 12, during the qualifying match for Euro 2024 against Ukraine. Three matches during which he was heavily whistled. This will be the case again this time, probably more so. Every time he touches the ball, maybe. But that’s not all.

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A few days ago, Curva Sud posted a photo in which we saw many boxes. “There is a letter for you», We could read in this message addressed to Donnarumma. The suspense was quickly blown away by the Corriere della Sera : these are thousands of fake notes bearing the image of “Dollarumma” THE “mercenary» which will be thrown onto the pitch before kick-off. The man named Antonio Vitiello from Milan News posted a photo of the said boxes this Tuesday afternoon, dispelling the last doubts on the subject. “The ultras will wear jersey number 71, which in Neapolitan culture represents a man without values», added our colleagues from Corriere della Sera. Let us remember that the person concerned grew up near Naples. The number 71 can also be found on these famous counterfeit notes.

In fact, it’s a safe bet that it will be worse. “Donnarumma will see how San Siro welcomes traitors», says a Milanese fan Parisian . The tone is set. The bronca should be terrible. The number 99 of PSG has never said anything negative about Milan, quite the opposite. And even less about the supporters of the Lombard club. “Finding Milan again is a very strong emotion“, he explained before the first leg. And to add, about the supporters: “It’s important to me to have a good relationship with them because I always gave my best until my last match.” A priori, we will still have to wait to reconnect with “good relations» with the Ultras of the Curva Sud.

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We laughed about it together.

Luis Enrique on Donnarumma’s return to Milan

It will be interesting to follow the behavior of Gianluigi Donnarumma in the face of this heated context. A real test for the Parisian doorman. “We laughed about that because we often see that in football and he has already played here with the selection, sweeps Luis Enrique. Other big players have already experienced this kind of situation, we have to move past it and I don’t think there will be any particular problem.“. Former Inter player, Milan Skriniar is not more worried : “Since we left, I don’t see him worried, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, very experienced, he will be focused“. To have…

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