Family and friends say goodbye to flood victims in Muçum

Nine of the 15 dead from the flood in Muçum were laid to rest this Saturday morning (9) in Vespasiano Corrêa. A farewell took place in the gym of Escola Municipal Esperança, since the Muçum cemetery and almost the entire city were destroyed by the flood.

Before the m, the mayor of Vespasiano Corrêa, Tiago Michelon, conveyed a message of welcome to those present at the wake, remembering the proximity between the two cities, separated by around 20 km, and wished strength to the residents of Muçum, whom called ‘mother’. “It was from the strength of Muçum that Vespasiano Corrêa emerged,” he said.

Mateus Trojan, mayor of Muçum, spoke again in scenario of war and catastrophe after the flood. Addressing the families of the dead and missing, Trojan said that the victims will never be forgotten and guaranteed the reconstruction of the city.

The mayor of Muçum was moved and cried when mentioning some of the victims he was very close to, including a neighbor. Trojan wished strength and light to the families and friends of the dead and missing, citing unity and solidarity and the help that is being sent from all parts of the world. “Strength to everyone, these memories will remain to remember a sad moment but also to remember the resilience of this city”, he concluded.

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