Farnood Esbati at Christian Berst

Untitled (circa 2020), by Farnood Esbati.

Farnood Esbati was born in Tehran in 1993. Diagnosed with autism as a child, he first painted and drew on walls, then learned the art of mosaic, a traditional teaching in Iran. His drawings, which we see for the first time in Europe, initially seem, for the most part, made exclusively of networks of innumerable lines and grids, traced with extreme precision and a very fine point. But, inside these tight and tense nets, Esbati places human figures, everyday objects, architectural elements, signs of trees and animals. Also its leaves are sometimes landscapes, sometimes interior scenes. But everything seems to be shaking. The perspectives turn the reliefs upside down, as if lifted by irresistible earthquakes. Forms, including human ones, seem to break, crumble or sink into the ground as if in quicksand. Unless they emerge from it: we don’t know if these drawings show a world in the process of emerging from chaos or, conversely, on the verge of definitively fragmenting and disappearing. In each of his works, Esbati questions the stability of the world.

“Lifelines”. Christian Berst Gallery – outsider art3-5, page des Gravilliers, Paris 3e. Until March 30, Wednesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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