Fashion week, dress well for pedaling

Fashion week, which is coming to Paris from January 17 to 26, is an opportunity for you to wear an elegant outfit on your bike. If the creators are inspired by the street, naturally, they are inspired by the codes of cycling. The designer Marine Serre, who notably had a collaboration with Rudy Project glasses, said so in January 2022 in an interview given to the newspaper The world : “There is utility, functionality and comfort to be found in clothing […] I come to the office by bike, a large part of the team too, so this idea of ​​comfort is essential. »

The destination matters more than the journey

The Danish Mickael Colleville-Andersen, great promoter of cycling in the city, says it in these terms in his book Copenhagenize. “Dress for your destination, not your commute. » One way to explain that it is useless according to him to have an outfit for pedaling and the other for work. Pedaling on a daily basis requires, despite everything, suitable clothing. Your outfit will also depend on the season – winter or summer – in which you practice cycling. Being able to enjoy an unhindered bike ride is essential. Just like wearing breathable materials.

A suitable cut

For the bust, the length of the sleeves is essential. The arms are extended towards the hanger. The garment must come down well above the hands when pedalling. Covering your loins is also important and your clothes should hang low to protect the seat of the pants. For your legs, the pants should be soft and stretchy, right down to the shoes. Make sure that it is not too wide to prevent it from getting caught in the transmission.

A wide choice of materials

Natural materials are often the best solutions. Except cotton, which accumulates and captures moisture. Linen is a material very suitable for daily cycling. “Flax fiber is good for moderate physical activity, like cycling to work, explains Sophie Blouin, co-founder of the brand Daily-bike. Linen dries much faster than cotton. Not to mention that it does not retain odors. » Merino is also a material that is to be preferred. It is said of this wool, that it keeps cool when it is hot and that it keeps warm when it is cold.

Combining aesthetics and technique

The French brand Cyclist’s cafe or Rapha (English brand) were born to equip sports cyclists. Over time, they have developed collections dedicated to the practice of cycling in the city. Other brands are also dedicated to cycling accessories. “We offer an urban wardrobe designed for the constraints of cycling, explains Yann Behr founder of wolbe. With attention to practical detail, like this Timeless Car Coat, on which we have integrated reflective strips under the cuffs; a two-way zipper to facilitate cycling. »

After investing in ready-to-wear, Paul Smith – imagined himself as a professional cyclist in his youth, until his dreams collapsed following a bicycle accident at the age of 17 – developed a set of clothing such as suits, shirts or jackets, designed and adapted for cycling. A range of cycling shorts and jerseys also completes the panoply of the sporty cyclist. Ideal for your bike trips to go to work or for a walk.

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