Fast and Furious 10 follows already seen formula and seeks to please fans

Fast and Furious 10 was certainly among the most anticipated films of 2023, all due to the legion of fans that the franchise has been conquering since the distant Fast and Furious released in 2001. Despite the anxiety on the part of fans of cars and street racing , the feature that premiered this Thursday (18) once again disappoints and in no way innovates.

O Jornal do Comércio had the opportunity to check out the film on the day of its premiere and tells how the experience was.

Action and nostalgia, which certainly won’t make any sense to those who don’t follow the series, are the central elements of the plot that initiates the possible trilogy that should end the story.

As in the previous feature films, this one once again presents meaningless action plans and totally disconnected with realitysomething that connoisseurs of the franchise are used to and may not even care about its presence.

Unlike its predecessors, who almost always knew how to insert their characters, Fast and Furious 10 exaggerates the dose and presents a huge amount of people on screen, which often add nothing to the plot. Neither the new, or not so new, villain played by star Jason Momoa can save the film.

But perhaps the film’s biggest mistake is its abrupt end and the need for a continuation so that the 2h21min spent by viewers makes sense.

For those who have followed the franchise for years and understand the film’s proposal, perhaps it is a great deal for the weekend. As for those thinking of accelerating for the first time in this history, the long goes far from being a movie to indicate.

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