“Fast & Furious 9”: production fined $1 million after stuntman falls

A hefty fine. The production of the film Fast & Furious 9 » was ordered to pay one million dollars to stuntman Joe Watts (i.e. more than 910,000 euros) by the British courts for breaches of safety instructions which led to the serious fall of the stuntman.

During the filming of a scene in 2019, Joe Watts miraculously escaped alive after falling more than eight meters head first onto concrete. During a fight scene filmed at Warner Studios in Hertfordshire, England, the stunt double’s security line Vin Diesel let go and then caused his fall. The result was a skull fracture and brain damage, forcing doctors to place him in an artificial coma.

If the stuntman did not land on the safety mats during this stunt, it was because the choreography had been changed at the last moment and therefore could not be repeated. While he was supposed to be thrown over his opponent’s right shoulder, Joe Watts was ultimately thrown to the left side. However, the safety mat had not been moved accordingly.

A fall that “changed his life”

In handing down the sentence, Judge Talwinder Buttar criticized production’s decision to change that scene “at the last minute” and said Joe Watts was “lucky to be alive.” However, this fall “changed the life” of the stuntman, according to the defense, which specifies that he still has after-effects today.

Joe Watts is renowned for having worked on several films and series such as “Mission: Impossible Fallout”, “Juric World” “ Game Of Thrones » or even “Kingsman”

This fine of one million dollars may seem insignificant when we know that the blockbuster released in 2021 recorded no less than 726.5 million dollars in revenue. recipes at the World level.

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