fatal accident, the boat used was not allowed to go to sea at night

The media Guadeloupe the first indicated that the boat which capsized causing the death of two people on Wednesday, should not have ended up at sea.

The investigation is continuing to shed light on the circumstances of the tragedy that occurred on Wednesday when a follower boat from Charles Caudrelier’s trimaran capsized, causing the death of two people. According to the Guadeloupe media, the first, this boat was not authorized to go out to sea at night. His outings were to take place during the day and were not toexceed 12 hours and with the obligation to reach the same base port at the end of the day“.

The Coralia was also not equipped with adequate lifejackets. These should have been fitted with lights to identify any people at sea in the event of shipwreck.

The boats that take journalists and guests on board are rented by the Guadeloupe region, which makes them available to the race organization, also specified Joseph Bizard, the organization director, in an interview with the Telegram.

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