Fazio, goodbye to Rai: the reactions. Salvini: “Bella hello”. Bria: damage to the company

ROME. Fabio Fazio’s farewell to Rai, which formalizes the transition to Discovery, unleashes political reactions. “Belli ciao” Salvini tweets posting the news, and the reference is to the conductor of What’s the weather like it’s at Luciana Littizzetto, who moves with him to the new adventure. «There’s no denying: what cl, what style… Salvini never misses an opportunity to be recognized. Never up to the role he fills. Never» replies Simona Malpezzi, senator of the Democratic Party.

Calenda (Action): If this is a minister…
“If this is a minister of the Republic…”: tweets the leader of Action Carlo Calenda commenting on what Salvini wrote about Fazio’s farewell to Rai.

Letta: the right does damage to Italy
«What’s the weather like di Fazio was one of the best cultural products of Italian TV. The right wing in power chooses to deprive itself of it and damages TV, culture and Italy»: Enrico Letta, former secretary of the Democratic Party, wrote on Twitter.

Cuperlo (Pd): Salvini was and will remain an amateur of politics
«Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto leave Rai and will work elsewhere. The public service also loses two undisputed skills in terms of audience, impoverishing its offer. The minister and vice-premier Salvini tweets happy as a child “Belli ciao”. The difference? Fazio and Littizzetto are two protagonists of communication and culture. Salvini was and will remain a political amateur and (alas) an incompetent called to perform functions beyond his abilities ». This was declared by the deputy of the Democratic Party, Gianni Cuperlo.
Fratoianni (Avs): social networks give the word to legions of imbeciles
“”Social media have given legions of imbeciles the right to speak”. There are times when one can only agree with Umberto Eco», writes on Twitter the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni, parliamentarian of the Verdi Left Alliance. “But the most serious problem – concludes the leader of SI – is that it happens that even the deputy prime ministers do it…”.

Bria (Cda Rai): damage to the company
«Fabio Fazio’s departure from Rai damages the company in terms of identity, cultural quality and ratings. Bad news for the country. Over the years many beautiful pages of public service, among all the Shoah Memorial with the Segre. Wicked choice never brought to the Board of Directors writes Francesca Bria, a member of the Rai Board of Directors with Pd share.

Fazio’s farewell and the right-wing take-all: other than revolution, it is ruthless subdivision

Mimiliano Panarari

Nicita (Rai Supervision): less quality with non-renewal
«With the failure to renew Fazio, the quality of the public radio and television service is impoverished. But when quality public service broadcasting is scary, it is a sign that democracy is not doing well. As evidenced by the very intelligent tweet of a minister ». The senator of the Democratic Party, Antonio Nicita, a member of the Rai supervisory commission, writes on Twitter.

Graziano (Rai Supervision): flagship not withheld
«Fabio Fazio leaving Rai is a sign of Rai’s television and quality impoverishment. A flagship that Rai did not want to keep. It’s not nu juorn buon ”, writes the leader of the Democratic Party in the Rai Supervisory Committee Stefano Graziano on Twitter.

Giulietti (Article 21): Salvini’s footprints on the pushy exit
«”Belli ciao”: this is how Salvini greets Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto, leaving footprints on the pushing exit of What’s the weather like»: so Beppe Giulietti, spokesperson for Article 21, on Twitter. “Anyone who says that Rai will save money with Fazio’s release doesn’t know that ratings and advertising revenues were higher than the releases, we’ll recalculate ratings and revenues in a few months,” he adds in another tweet. And then he hopes: “Exactly as happened with Enzo Biagi, Fabio Fazio will return to Rai and say” where were we? and it will be a good day also for the Constitution».

Formigli (La7): he has done a public service and they make him go away
Corrado Formigli takes sides in defense of Fazio: «He brought Obama and the pope on public television. He made an authoritative, fun, polite program. It’s hard to imagine something more of a public service. That’s why they let him go. He doesn’t make a fuss, does he?”, He writes.

Luca Bizzarri: an advantage only for Discovery
According to Luca Bizzarri «Fazio’s page to Discovery “ignites” one more network in the general interest. It is a disadvantage for the other networks (including Rai) and it is an advantage only for Discovery and for those who work on TV (like me). So whoever writes “belli ciao” simply didn’t understand a damn thing».

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