Feces, rats, malnutrition… Seven children discovered in the United States in “deplorable conditions”

A new house of horror in the USA ? Seven children were discovered living in “deplorable conditions” in West Rockhill Township, a town on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, several American media report. At the family home “the officers noted deplorable living conditions” and speak in their report of the “unsanitary and dangerous” places.

The case dates back to April 23. Pennridge Regional Police are notified that children are entering an abandoned trailer. The officers intervene and bring three children back to their home, which is located next to the trailer. Among them, two girls aged 12 and 14, reports the WPVI local media.

Faeces, maggots in the hair and malnutrition

They then notice the insalubrity of the house and certain points alert them, such as the padlocked fridge. According to CNNthe mother says that this device was put in place because the children were “stealing” food and nicknamed them in front of the police “trash cans on legs”.

30 miles north of Philadelphia in Pennridge, Bucks County, 7 kids found living in trailer home that had padlock on refrigerator“due to family having little money & the children eating the food.” All malnourished, NONE going to school & they didn’t even know their own birthdays.1/2 pic.twitter.com/8xeJVz0XMv

—Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) May 25, 2023

The police then return to the scene with social services officers. They then discover the presence of seven children living in unsanitary conditions, aged 4 to 16. Two dozen rats were found in a cage inside the house, but also other animals such as dogs or snakes, as well as fecal matter in several places.

All seven children were removed from their parents’ custody and taken to hospital. The authorities then note “that none of the seven children has ever gone to school and lack basic knowledge, such as that of their birthday. They also show some anxiety and say they don’t like being around other people.

According to medical essments, these children are underweight, visibly malnourished and their hygiene is very poor. WPVI is about a child with maggots in his hair.

The parents are being prosecuted on seven counts of endangering the welfare of the children.

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