Federal government authorizes transfer of R$741 million to cities affected by floods in RS

After visiting this Sunday morning (10) the cities of Roca Sales and Muçum, destroyed by floods in Rio Grande do Sul, the acting president Geraldo Alckmin met with municipal mayors affected to address actions to mitigate problems and rebuild cities. President Lula authorized R$741 million in initiatives to help cities.

In his opening speech, at Univates, asked everyone to observe a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the tragedy that has killed 43 people so far. “President Lula guided us to give top priority to this partnership with the population and the region,” he stated.

Of this amount, R$26 million will go to the Ministry of Defense, R$80 million to the Ministry of Health, R$16 million to the Ministry of Transport, R$125 million to the Food Acquisition Program, R$195 million to rebuild housing and R$185 for reconstruction of cities. Furthermore, R$57 million comes from Social Security and R$7 million from the Federal Revenue.

“As a challenge, I see three pillars: saving lives, rebuilding cities and recovering the economy and jobs”, pondered the acting president.

The governor of RS, Eduardo Leite, stated that federal resources, as well as state resources, will be used quickly. “There will be no shortage of resources. We will have a speedy administrative process”, she guaranteed. “Let’s get cities back on their feet,” she reflected.

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