Federer: "I had the result of a scan that was not very satisfactory, so I said to myself that it was over"

"My knee wouldn't let go, I wasn't progressing well enough, and then I got the result of a scan that wasn't very satisfactory, so I thought it was over"Roger Federer explained on Tuesday, at Swiss Radio and Television (RTS). Details that the Swiss had not disclosed last week when he announced his retirement.

Arrived in London to compete in the Laver Cup this week, his last official competition, Roger Federer has also hinted that he wants to stay in the world of tennis once his playing career is over. "I don't know exactly what my future will be madebut I don't want to completely walk away from a sport that has given me everything."said the former world No. 1 to RTS.

The twenty-round Grand Slam champion then told RTS that he felt " relieved " for announcing his retirement. The Basler admitted to this media that he had retained "a tear or two"but declared himself “Happy to have taken the plunge”.

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