Fedez and Luis Sal, yellow on the quarrel between the two: “I’ve reached the limit”

Did Fedez and Luis Sal have a fight? Yes, no, maybe. There is no answer yet, but it has been hypothesized for weeks that the relationship between the two has crumbled. From one day to the next, in fact, Luis disappeared from Wild Moss, the podcast he did together with Federico. And not only. He disappeared from the Ferragni house, where he was often a guest. He disappeared from family lunches and dinners with Leo and Vittoria. He also vanished from the Ferragnez Instagram stories. In short, within a few days he and Fedez went from best friends to perfect strangers. The reason why, so far, the two have kept secret, but perhaps the moment of truth is near.

Fedez has always tried to avoid the topic, but – probably fed up with sci-fi reconstructions – today he spoke about it in a live broadcast on Instagram: «The situation? I’m at a borderline point too because I would have mentioned it earlier, so I would have avoided this whole scenario. If I don’t talk it’s because I can’t talk about it, not for nothing. But frankly now I have work commitments, between the series, the song that has to come out and another project I’ve been working on for a year and a half, I want to focus on this and not ruin months and years of work».

“After this – he added – regardless of how things go, the intention is to give explanations in the most transparent and correct way possible, but if a solution is not found, at some point I will give the explanations because this is right” . Then an apology to the audience of Wild Moss, which he now leads together with Mr Marra: «I understand very well that the behavior has not been the best». Finally, a sort of reurance to the fans: «Things are simpler and much less dramatic than you can imagine. It is obvious that if we don’t talk, we leave room for speculations that are really bad».

In short, words that seem to prevent a fight with no holds barred between the two. But she who knows. After all, Fedez has quarreled with several friends in the past – from J-Ax to Fabio Rovazzi – and he has always done it for economic and professional reasons. “Mixing friendship, work, money, it was bad,” Fedez confessed just a few days ago in the episode of his podcast with Rovazzi. What does “vil money” have to do with it – as the rapper defined it – even in the mysterious disappearance of Luis? In the event of a quarrel, however, it will be enough to let only a few years p. Then the time will come to make peace, as happened with J-Ax and Rovazzi. And all friends as before.

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