Femina announces its first selections

16 French novels and 17 foreign novels are among the possible winners of the literary award which will be awarded on November 6.

The Ladies of Femina met on Tuesday September 12 at La Closerie des Lilas, the famous Parisian brerie. They announced to the professional magazine Weekly Books their first selections in the “French novels” and “foreign novels” category.

Who will succeed Claudie Hunzinger (French novel), Rachel Cusk (foreign novel) and Annette Wieviorka (essay), winners of the 2022 Femina Prize ?

Verdict on November 6, after the second and third selections.

French novels:

· Jean-Baptiste Andrea, Watch over her – The Iconoclast

· Nathacha Appanah, Washed Memory – Mercury of France

· Pierrick Bailly, Lightning -POL

· Dominique Barbéris, A way of loving -Gallimard

· Guy Bolley, To my and only sister – Gret

· Eric Chacour, What I know about you -Philippe Rey

· Sarah Chiche, The Alchemies – Threshold

· Benoit Coquil, Little things – Shores

· Franck Courtes, On the job -Gallimard

· Agnès Desarthe, The castle of the rentiers – Olive Tree

· Lionel Duroy, My steps in their shadows – Mialet-Barrault

· Dominique Fabre, Saint Lazare station -Fayard

· Agnès Matthieu-Daudet, Sand merchants -Flammarion

· Alice Fox, Anger and envy – Héloïse d’Ormesson

· Snow Sinno, sad tiger -POL

· Lyonel Trouillot, Calvary Nightlights – South Acts

Foreign novels:

· Nina Allan, Conquest – Tristram

· Hila Blum, How to love your daughter -Robert Laffont

· Emma Cline, The Guest – The round table

· Tom Crewe, The new life -Christian Bourgois

· Hernan Diaz, Trust – Olive Tree

· Louise Erdrich, The Sentence – Albin Michel

· Lucy Fricke, The Diplomat – The Quartermaster

· Paolo Giordano, Tasmania – The Sound of the World

· Mikolaj Grynberg, I would like to ask them for forgiveness, but they are no longer here – South Acts

· Aleksandar Hemon, A world of sky and earth – Calmann-Lévy

· Lidia Jorge, Misericordia – Metelier

· Han Kang, Impossible goodbyes – Gret

· Joyce Maynard, The Bird Hotel -Philippe Rey

· Patricia Melo, Those who killed – Buchet-Chastel

· Maggy O’Farrell, The Wedding Portrait – Belfond

· Cécile Pin, Wandering souls – Stock

· Robert Seethaler, The Nameless Café – Sabine Wespieser

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