Ferrari offers a generous bonus to its employees

Ferrari offers a generous bonus to its employees

The bonus received by all employees is the sanction of record results last year.

Not enough to afford a Ferrari, of course, but a rather tidy sum. The Italian luxury car manufacturer will pay an exceptional bonus this year to all of its 5,000 employees. Their bank account will be credited with a bonus of up to 13,500 euros, an amount up 12.5% ​​compared to last year.

This is the logical consequence, according to the boss of the prancing horse brand, Benedetto Vigna, of a record year. In 2022, 13,221 cars left the huge Ferrari factory in Maranello, in the Modena region, up 18% compared to 2021. In addition, sales increased by 20% over one year, with significant good in Asia (+73% in China and Taiwan) and in America (+22%). The net profit garnered by Ferrari flirts with the billion euros.

This exceptional bonus should not weaken in the coming years, if we are to believe Ferrari’s growth prospects. By 2026, the brand’s governing bodies predict that sales, currently at 5.1 billion euros, will exceed 6.5 billion euros. Benedetto Vigna is already betting on unpublished results in 2023.

By way of comparison, in France, the tax-free bonus paid by employers, often called the “Macron bonus” or “boss bonus”, reached an average amount of 740 euros in 2022.

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