Fête de l’Humanité: boos, interrupted speeches… The arrival of Édouard Philippe a bit rowdy

The exercise promised to be perilous for Édouard Philippe, and it was. The former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, who debated with the leader of the communists Fabien Roussel this Sunday at the Humanity Daywas interrupted by an activist who burst onto the stage before being removed by security.

The mayor of Le Havre was not on conquered territory, as evidenced by the boos from the public which accompanied his arrival under the Agora marquee. But he probably didn’t expect to see his microphone stolen by Ritchy Thibault, an activist claiming to be a yellow vest. The latter addressed the crowd, erting: “Édouard Philippe was active during the Yellow Vest movement, he shed blood, he has nothing to do here, he is a blind eye killer.” His immediate expulsion provoked various reactions from the public, between boos and applause.

Ritchy Thibault, co-founder of the Peuple Révolté collective and the independent media La Luciole, shared the video of his intervention on his X account, commenting: “We will never leave them in peace. We must hunt them down until justice prevails! »

Started at the end of 2018, the Yellow Vest protest movement had profound shook Emmanuel Macron’s government and his then Prime Minister Édouard Philippe. The violent clashes between police and demonstrators left many injured, particularly caused by theuse of defensive ball launchers (LBD) by law enforcement.

Since October 2021, Édouard Philippe has been president of Horizons and figures well in the polls for the 2027 presidential election, for which his ambitions are no longer really a mystery. With Fabien Roussel, they were able to debate for more than an hour on work, energy, debt and even institutions. And expose their divisions, further recognizing their parallel paths.

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