Fight against tax evasion: “An imaginary treasure”

Gaëtan de Capele. Le Figaro

France does not suffer so much from a fraud problem
than fiscal pressure.

The string is worth what it is worth, but everything is good, these days, to find a little political oxygen. Unlike the pension reform, the government will find few opponents against it to oppose its tax evasion plan. A fortiori if it is primarily aimed at the escape of very large incomes and large companies, two game of choice in a country so defiant with regard to wealth. No one will come to challenge this large-scale hunt, which is not shocking in itself: whatever one thinks of the rapacity of the tax authorities, fraudulently evading taxes is indeed an act of delinquency.

The designation of the “ultra-rich” and “multinationals” to popular vindictiveness will undoubtedly flatter the friends of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and will perhaps appease a little these middle cles that the government dreams of reconquering. It is not certain, however, that this will be of great help in solving France’s budgetary problems…

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