Fine of 1,000 euros, public condemnations… Éric Ciotti wants to hit hard on drug users

We must “attack these scourges”. The president of the Les Républicains party, Éric Ciotti, was questioned about RMC/BFMTV this Tuesday morning on the tragic accident which claimed the lives of three police officers from the Roubaix (North) police station on Sunday. The driver of the car that hit the police vehicle, who also died in the collision, tested positive for alcohol and cannabis.

“We can see it with what happened in Roubaix, there are health and safety issues… kill and we have to tackle these scourges with much more force, resources and determination”, launched the deputy.

“There must be the shame of the ticket”

He calls for a reinforcement of the punitive arsenal against consumers, because the fine of 150 euros for the use of narcotics, ” it’s not enough “. “Me, I propose that we increase this fine to 1,000 euros”, he erts.

On the other hand, Ciotti explains that he is in favor of a “name and shame” system. (naming and blaming, in French), with a site listing and naming all those convicted of drug use, “there must be the shame of the contravention”. In the same vein, he suggests systematically warning consumers, as this can be somewhat infamous, dissuasive”.

The deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes also says he wants to attack “drug-producing countries, which are providers of this sector”, without naming a specific territory. There “are diplomatic actions, there must also be means of pressure on these countries”. The means must finally be put on the police with “m legal action and long-term investigations”.

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