First approval from the Israeli Parliament to the controversial bill

First approval from the Israeli Parliament to the controversial bill

The Israeli Assembly has given its first approval to the controversial bill that “public officials can receive donations to fund a court case”.

First approval from the Israeli Parliament to the controversial bill

In the written statement made by the Parliament, it was stated that the preparatory session of the General Assembly took place for the draft law, which is defined as “gifts”.

In the statement, it was stated that 53 deputies voted in favor of the bill and 49 deputies voted against it.

Pointing out that the draft law, which received the first approval, gives the right to public servants or elected persons to receive financial donations to finance their judicial litigation and health treatments, the statement said, “This draft law is based on the current law on the public official not receiving gifts unfairly from the section under his administration, as a human being. will create a balance between exercising their rights.” expressions were used.

In the statement emphasizing the rationale of the draft law, it was argued that health services could reach high amounts with lawsuits in the judiciary.

In order for the bill to become law and enter into force, it must be voted and approved by the parliament three times.

The opposition is responsive

Opposition parties argue that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to pass a law in this direction in order to find resources for lawyers to defend him on the charges against him.

Former prime minister and opposition leader Yair Lapid said in a statement on his Twitter account, “The bill prepared to help Netanyahu has passed the Parliament.” used the phrases.

Lapid stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who promised to take care of the living conditions of Israeli citizens, was interested in their own living conditions.

“After increasing their housing and beauty and hair budgets, the only family in Israel whose income has increased is the Netanyahu family. What a pity.”

The lawsuit filed against Netanyahu in 2019 on charges of “bribery, treason and abuse of office for personal purposes” is still pending.

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