Five passengers per flight only: Limoges-Paris, it’s over

Five passengers per flight only: Limoges-Paris, it’s over

The Limoges-Paris air link by plane is over. In a month, there will simply be no more flights operated by Chalair, an airline specializing in interregional lines. The Smalb, a joint union at Limoges-Bellegarde airport, made up of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Department and the Limoges Métropole urban community, refused the airline’s offer, which was demanding no less than 12 million euros. euros over 4 years to continue its performance. With 5 passengers per flight on average, it was far too expensive and difficult to justify on an environmental level.

Limoges-Lyon flights, more frequented, still insured

While the railway line linking Paris to Limoges is more and more often criticized because of delays and cancellations, the plane was a good way to open up the territory. The elected officials had fought to obtain and then keep a Limoges-Paris line. But the numbers are stubborn. In four years, the two Limoges-Lyon and Limoges-Paris links have cost communities no less than 20 million euros.

An unacceptable situation for elected officials, especially in this time of crisis. This public service obligation (OSB), provided by Chalair since March 3, 2019, will be stopped on March 3.

“Symbolically, after the train, we say to ourselves once again that the territory of Limoges is neglected”, summarizes Thierry Miguel, vice-president of the departmental council of Haute-Vienne. “But we just can’t afford to spend so much money on stealing so few people anymore.”

Chalair has not finished with the disappointments in Limoges. The company and its CEO will have to answer, before the criminal court of the city, for complicity in concealed work and the loan of illicit labor with a subcontractor. The hearing is scheduled for March 14.

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