follow the seventh day of mobilization against the pension reform

follow the seventh day of mobilization against the pension reform

  • It is the seventh day of mobilization against the pension reform, and the second which takes place on a Saturday. Thousands of people are expected all over France on March 11 to protest against the government’s plan.
  • This mobilization takes place four days after a particularly busy day : Tuesday, between 1.28 million (according to the Ministry of the Interior) and 3.5 million people (according to the General Confederation of Labour, CGT) marched in France – the highest figures since the start of the social conflict .
  • Due to a renewable strike movement, disruptions were recorded in transport throughout the week, in particular at the French National Railway Company (SNCF) and the Autonomous Transport Authority (RATP). The energy sector is also affected, as refinery workers are on strike, blocking fuel shipments.
  • At the same time, the text continues its way to the Senate. Article 7, which raises the legal retirement age to 64, was voted on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The review of the reform at the Luxembourg Palace should theoretically end Sunday at midnight. A blocked voting procedure was activated by the government on Friday, and senators can now only vote on the entire text modified by the 70 amendments retained by the government and those already adopted in session.
  • Once the Senate stage has passed, the course of the reform will not be finished: deputies and senators must agree on a text in a joint committee (CMP), a body of fourteen elected officials composed of members of the National Assembly and Senate in equal parts, and whose seats are distributed in proportion to the weight of each political force in the two chambers. If an agreement is reached, the compromise text must again be voted on in the Assembly, then in the Senate. This rather uncertain path is not the only one that the government can take to have its reform adopted: if there is no vote, it can also go through ordinances or the activation of section 49.3 of the Constitution.

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