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Good evening and welcome to all in this live dedicated to Emmanuel Macron’s interview on TF1 news

We will follow live the speech of the Head of State, guest of the television news of the first channel this Monday evening. Unpopular after the painful adoption of the pension reform, the President of the Republic, discreet since the start of the social crisis, has been trying, since the promulgation of the text a month ago, to turn the page by increasing the number of trips and economic announcements.

Engaged in a sequence on the reindustrialization of the country for several days, Emmanuel Macron will be on the set of TF1 Monday evening, at the end of the Choose France summit held Monday all day at the Palace of Versailles, and where 13 billion euros of foreign investment were announced. According to the channelthe interview, pre-recorded and conducted by journalist Gilles Bouleau, will include ” advertit “ on “Ukrainian” And ” Taxes “. “The Head of State will also speak about his report to the French and to his Prime Minister”, add the string.

While Emmanuel Macron received Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday evening for a working dinner at the Elyséethe latter have already jointly announced that France was going to train and equip several Ukrainian battalions with “tens” de armored vehicles and light tanks, “including AMX-10RC”. Other announcements could therefore be made by the French president on Monday evening.

Sunday, in a daily river maintenance Opinionthe Head of State also declared that he intended to pursue a policy of lower taxation of the middle cles, without specifying the reasons for this, but also affirmed his desire to draw up prospects for the coming months on immigration , school or pensions.

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